Cozinha Modulnova

MODULNOVA S.r.l, a furnishing firm, was set up in 1988, under the guidance of the Presotto family, who had started making furniture and design kitchens in 1949. The corporate mission is to craft increasingly innovative furniture both materials-wise and as far as productive systems are concerned, and to bring about a creative type of design, featuring essential lines. Modulnova’s Modern kitchens are carefully devised by intensely focusing on details, finishes, design, accessories and assembly. Sophistication, style and elegance distinguish our trademarks – Modulnova Cucine, Modulnova Bagni (launched in 2000) and md HOME, a new line set up in 2011 and involving the out-of-the-kitchen parts of houses.

Conheça os elementos únicos da colecção Modulnova

As cozinhas Modulnova dispõe de elementos únicos que caracterizam cada colecção de uma forma especial. Visite os elementos abaixo para saber mais sobre cada um e a sua exclusividade.

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