Modulnova Outdoor Kitchen

MODULNOVA OUTDOOR, the novelty of this year’s most awaited concerning outer space, where the company has decided to bring their own aesthetic and their own design through the creation of a dedicated kitchen, designed by Andrea Bassanello.

The philosophy that characterizes the project is the same that has always inspired MODULNOVA in all its collections: rigor in the lines and rational organization of space, in order to enrich the open-air environment, giving it a touch of style and exclusivity. The materials are resistant to moisture, weathering, heat and wear swings: steel painted with epoxy powders and piasentina stone. The use of steel painted confirms a precise aesthetic choice: bring the food outside the home and make the protagonist of open spaces.

Comfort and thoughtful design for indoor kitchens are now declined for this innovative outdoor system that ensures high performance and maximum functionality. They are available, in addition to the classic barbecue grill, a pizza oven, a fryer, a teppanyaki plate and an induction plate. Completing the system two containment areas, one dedicated to the washing space, one dedicated to the refrigeration of beverages, a machine for the production of ice and an ever tub in piasentina stone.

The Modulnova collection has been designed for a complete integration in the architecture of your home, thus offering a wide range of finishes, but not limited to the finishes presented here. It is flexible and adaptable to all situations.

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