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The Piana is a door opening system characterised by two glass panes that enclose the aluminium frame; depending on the finish chosen for the glass, it can be either visible or not. This particular construction gives the door a sense of flatness, making it visibly a single piece, suitable for more elegant environments.

  • Customizable fascia with backpainted glass, fabrics, wood.
  • Double 4+4mm glass with a choice of finishes0.
  • Painted or anodized aluminium frame.


The Piana sliding door delimits different environments by completely blending into the wall surfaces thanks to its flatness. The doors slide over the wall and over each other, maintaining a linear and even surface.


The Piana doors slide straight inside the wall. Thanks to its unique structure there are no gaps between the frame and the wall, but the effect is one of complete unison between the essentiality of the architectural surfaces and the product.


The Piana swing door emphasizes the monolithic nature of its structure. The closed door is completely in line with the wall, and once opened it almost seems as if it has opened itself, especially if the chosen finish for the glass is the same colour as the wall.


Thanks to the unique door jamb, the Piana can be used to solve specific technical requirements for the thinges of the door, for example in halls or in the middle of a wall, maintaining its linear design at all times.


The Piana pivot door resolves problems that usually arise with wider openings. (L>105) A pivot door can be used in three different situations: in corridors, in the middle of a wall and free standing.

Download the Finishes Catalog of this collection and see the complete Adielle Piana Catalog.


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