Interior Doors Adielle Light

The Light door divides spaces in an elegant and natural way. Designed entirely in glass, with a choice of finishes, it allows light to enter the rooms and makes the entire space visible, creating the feeling of an open and airy environment.

  • 8/10mm glass pane with a choice of finishes.


The Light sliding door makes light the fundamental element of the spaces. The glass doors slide over each other and over the wall, becoming one with the surrounding space, without impairing the style of the room.


One smooth movement. The Light synchronised sliding door consists of glass panes, which thanks to an innovative system, slide over each other with just one gentle push. The technical features of this solution guarantee practicality and silent movements.


The Light pocket door plays with the concept of minimalism. The glass leaf door, already invisible in its own right, slides inside the wall, further concealing its forms and materials.

Download the Finishes Catalog of this collection and see the complete Adielle Light Catalog.


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