Interior Doors Adielle Filomuro

The Filomuro door does not aesthetically alter its surroundings in any way, as it is completely flush with the wall. The frame becomes invisible, the hinges are concealed, and the door, if treated with the same finish as the wall, blends into the latter, creating a sense of linearity and continuity.

  • 4+4 mm double glass pane with a choice of finishes
  • Painted or anodized aluminium frame
  • 8 mm glass pane with a choice of finishes
  • Door leaf with a choice of finishes (wood or painted)


The Filomuro is available in two versions: Filomuro Zero, single-leaf door with a thickness of 50 mm. Filomuro Style, double glass with a choice of finishes and an aluminium frame that creates a subtle contour line in the wall when the door is closed.


The Filomuro Light door is lightweight, simple and elegant. The door, composed of a single glass leaf and a support profile that contains the hinges, is flush with the wall.

Download the Finishes Catalog of this collection and see the complete Adielle Filomuro Catalog.


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