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Volo Green is a completely eco-friendly bathroom collection made ​​of Paperstone ®, an innovative, highly performing material, made with recycled paper. Volo Green has a clean design and minimalist attention to even the smallest details, from the drawers closing until all the thought accessories. To complete this green project Altamarea has added the mirror MIRALITE Revolution ® that is Lead-free and produced with low environmental impact.

Paperstone ® is a completely natural material, made from 100% office paper and post-consumer recycled cardboard combined with phenolic resins derived from cashew plants. Guaranteed for 15 years, with touch as velvet, it is a product without any compounds derived from petroleum. The use of Paperstone can contribute to obtaining up to seven LEED credits.

The strengths of Paperstone®

  • It comes from natural and recycled materials
  • It is recyclable
  • It is without phenols and does not emit formaldehyde
  • It is resistant to compression, tensile, bending and impact
  • It is water-resistant and waterproof
  • It is hygienic, easy to clean and spot-proof
  • It is fireproof (A class of reaction to fire) and is flammable only above 170° C
  • It is resistant to scratches and use

Paperstone®: a natural choice:

Energy savings in the processing of raw materials and reduction of emissions from the production: this is true respect for nature. Row materials utilized for the realization of Paperstone® come from the recycling of waste materials and the production does not generate non-recyclable waste: this is a big help for the environment.

VoloGreen uses Paperstone in every detail

  • Carcases and fronts in Paperstone®.
  • Drawers in Paperstone® with metal rails.
  • Tops and integrated sinks in Paperstone®.

Hanging units

  • Flap up opening hanging units in Paperstone®.
  • Compositions of hanging units in Paperstone® Cabernet.
  • Open hanging units made with 45° joints on corners.


  • Small bench in Paperstone® Pewter with leather sit.
  • Leather pouf.
  • Small table and shelf with opening for towels.


  • The Miralite Revolution® mirror is clear, with exceptional durability and has a high optical quality.
  • The Miralite Revolution® mirror of the Saint-Gobain Glass is ecological, because it is Lead-free and produced with low environmental impact.

The Altamarea Collection offers a wide variety of finishes that you can find in this menu. Come and visit us and let one of our expert designers help you find the best solution for you.

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If you wish to receive a physical version of the catalog, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. To see live finishes visit one of our showrooms.

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