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Opera is an extremely refined bathroom furniture collection, inspired by the Scandinavian cabinets of the Fifties and Sixties. It is characterised by a horizontal handle for drawers and a vertical handle for swing doors, illuminated by the splendour of the brass and copper finishings.
The materials used extend from the wood elements chosen, such as heat treated Eucalyptus or Sanded Oak with Sand lacquer, glossy or oxidised, to technical materials such as Fenix NTM®. The tops are made from marble, stone, Kerlite®, Koral, Fenix NTM®, Micromalta and metals. It is also possible to choose an exclusive top made from solidified molten rock, with precious vitrified geometric decorative elements, or make a personalised top with tiles proposed by the customer.
The elegance of the collection is completed by an entire range of exclusive accessories: Opera towel rails, mirrors, lamps and object trays.

DESIGNERS TALKING: “The handle characterizing Opera collection represents for us a starting point for dealing with the charm of Altamarea proposals. We thought about a piece of furniture so elegant to be suitable for furnishing even the living room. We were inspired by the Scandinavian sideboard of the fifties and the sixties. And the splendor of the brass and copper and the freedom to propose many different materials for endless customization…” Willy Dalto and Antonella di Nuzzo Designer for Imago Design

The handle is the protagonist:

AN HANDLE REVEALS ITS PERSONALITY: AN ALL NEW COLLECTION IS BORN! Can a technical detail create a complete collection? Of course it can, if treated with coherence, if exalted with contemporary finishes, matched to reclaimed materials. Thus an handle, which looks like a grip recess system, it becomes decoration and gives inspiration to an entire line of exclusive accessories. Positioned horizontally for jumbo drawers or vertically for hinged doors, the handle is the protagonist of Opera collection. It can change from a technical element to a decorative one, with Rame (copper), Ottone (brass), Brunito (burnished) or Bianco (white) finish. And upon request, in all sand matt lacquer colours.

  • It looks like a grooved system, but it is actually a handle, mounted vertically for those who prefer units with doors.
  • On the drawers, the handles are horizontal: a technical element which is also a decorative touch.

Units with feet or suspended

  • Bathroom unit with slender and narrow feet. A refined decorative touch.
  • Suspended bathroom unit, for an essential version of Opera.

Top Materials

Thanks to the Opera collection too, Altamarea confirms its willingness to research into new materials. Selecting options from tradition as well as innovative ideas, matching all this with contemporary elegance.

  • Surface made from solidified molten rock with vitrified decorative shapes.
  • Personalised bathroom unit top with tiles supplied by the customer, thanks to Altamarea’s customer service.
  • From Altamarea’s research, an original and resistant surface with integrated bath tub in painted metal.
  • Surface with basin in Bianco Gioia marble, one of the most refined tops in marble or stone.
  • Surface with integrated bath tub in Fenix NTM®, opaque, anti-fingerprint and soft to the touch.

Opera Accessories

  • The refined free-standing mirror with finishings in copper, brass, bronze or white.
  • The stair-shaped towel rail with oak poles and metal structure.
  • Towel hooks fixed to the wall, round and essential.
  • The shelf which is also a towel rail, thanks to the two metal supports which helpfully come out.
  • The objects tray with dividers, made from brass and copper.
  • The free-standing towel rail with Bianco Gioia marble, also available in stone.
  • The metal ceiling towel rail with finishings in copper, brass, bronze or white.
  • The suspended lamp, with brass and copper lamp holder and green, red and black cord.
  • The round mirror with metal frame.
  • The rectangular mirror with metal frame and rounded corners.

The Teatro mirror

  • Teatro mirror with glass separated horizontally and slightly separated from the base to filter light and illuminate the panel, available with Altamarea coatings.
  • Teatro mirror with glass separated vertically and slightly separated from the base to filter light and illuminate the panel, available with Altamarea coatings.
  • Teatro mirror with glass over the entire length and only with upper LED lighting.

The Altamarea Collection offers a wide variety of finishes that you can find in this menu. Come and visit us and let one of our expert designers help you find the best solution for you.


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