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360Gradi modular system is a bath collection very contemporary and extremely versatile for its materials: sand lacquers, glossy, woods or Kerlite®, Fenix NTM®, marbles, stones, metal, Koral, and varnished glass cladding, and even slabs of parquing floor as fronts. Characteristic of base units is the 45° edges and the groove opening.
The same style is kept by Loft, that is different by the opening with handle.
Any wish becomes real with 360Gradi and Loft together.

Units opening

  • 360Gradi: groove.
  • Loft: handle.
  • Loft: push-pull mechanism.


  • Units covered by parquing floor slabs.
  • Units covered by Kerlite®.
  • Units covered by Fenix NTM®.
  • Units covered by metal.
  • Units covered by marbles.
  • Units covered by glass.
  • Units covered by koral.

Fenix NTM®

Matt finish for the eyes and velvet and soft finish for the touch, Fenix NTM® is composed by cellulose and innovative resins and it is treated with nanotechnology. It becomes anti-fingerprint, anti-static and very hygienic, it does not give problems with water, mold and heat. It is resistant to many acids and solvents reagents as well as shock, scratches and rubbing and it allows you to repair micro-scratches. The furniture made of Fenix NTM® in the bathroom are innovative, lasting and they have high design.

Principal characteristics of Fenix NTM®:

  • Low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface.
  • Anti-fingerprint.
  • Thermal healing of microscratches.
  • Soft touch.

Cared details

  • Drawer with interior in black terra.
  • Drawer with interior in white neve.
  • Drawer with interior in light oak.
  • Drawers with open parts.
  • Open parts in light oak nodino.
  • Drawer with internal lighting.
  • Wall units with internal lighting .
  • Perimetral lighting.


  • Practical laundry container on wheels, easy to move.
  • Shelf to clad with the same material of units.

A Colecção Altamarea oferece uma grande variedade de acabamentos que pode conhecer neste menu. Venha visitar-nos e deixe que um dos nossos designers especialistas o ajude a encontrar a melhor solução para si.



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